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I am based in Norwich, Norfolk, UK and this page lists guitar-related items I no longer use, want to upgrade, etc., and I have decided to sell. I thought I would also open this page up to other guitarists looking to sell their gear.

If you have guitars, amps, pedals, recording gear, etc., that you would like to list here, send me a message and I will add your items to the list. If somebody is interested in buying your gear, I will pass their details on to you. I hold no responsibility for faulty items, payment discrepancies or anything to do with the sale. This is purely a service to connect sellers and buyers.

There is no charge for listing your guitar gear for sale.

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Avalon U5

Direct Box & Instrument Preamplifier

Price: £650

Avalon U5 Front
Avalon U5 Rear Panel
Avalon U5 Top
Avalon U5 In Case
Avalon U5 In Closed Case
Avalon U5 Box

    Avalon U5 Product Details

    Incredible Sounding Preamplifier

    The Avalon U5 Pure Class A instrument DI & preamplifier sets the standard for sonic excellence in the realm of direct boxes.

    Unmatched by inferior designs, this powerful device is meticulously crafted to ensure absolute signal integrity and enhance your musical performance. Whether you're a bass guitarist, rely on acoustic instruments, electric guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, or low-output pickups, the U5 is the perfect companion.

    Its cutting-edge features include a high input impedance input stage that eliminates any load effect on sensitive pickups and keyboards, 100% discrete Pure Class A signal amplifiers, and a range of practical user features. Built with rugged hardware, this exceptional device guarantees true high-performance audio for many years to come.

    Serious Professional Unit

    Since 1995, Avalon U5 DI-preamps have been widely used across the globe. These exceptional devices have made their mark in the setups of renowned musicians and highly sought-after recording sessions. It's no surprise that they have become a staple in thousands of top-selling albums and breathtaking live performances, consistently delivering unparalleled sound quality.

    Highly Versatile

    The U5 features a versatile Class A preamplifier that can amplify weak pickup signals and capture the dynamic sound of your instrument's amplifier.

    It also offers six passive tone-EQ curves to enhance the tonal characteristics of both acoustic and electric instruments. With a high-cut switch, unwanted acoustic and high-frequency noise can be eliminated, while a dedicated headphone monitor amp allows for personal listening.

    The U5 is equipped with twin DC-coupled Class A output amplifiers that can drive both microphone preamp inputs and high-level +4dB inputs for direct recording or signal processing. By using the active-to-thru switch, you can choose between sending the instrument input directly or the boosted and equalized signal to your amplifier.

    Additionally, the U5 includes a ground isolation switch to ensure complete safety and prevent any potential earth loop or AC buzz issues.

    For the full specifications, read more about the Avalon U5 on the Avalon Design website.
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    Polytone Taurus III

    Amplifier 1-15" Speaker

    Price: £500

    Polytone Taurus Iii Guitar Amp On Wheels
    Polytone Taurus Iii Guitar Amp Rear
    Polytone Taurus Iii Guitar Amp Top Controls

      Polytone Taurus III Product Details

      This is an exceptionally rare Blue POLYTONE Taurus III amplifier - an original masterpiece.

      Specifically crafted to enhance the performance of accordion, keyboards, guitar, and bass, this amplifier is truly remarkable. The renowned Polytone clean sound emanates flawlessly from this extraordinary amp, producing a fantastic audio experience.

      It is important to note that Polytone is no longer producing amplifiers, making this gem an incredibly scarce find. As a musician myself, I can confidently say that I have owned numerous Polytone amps, all of which have consistently delivered exceptional performance. This particular amp has been in my personal studio for quite some time, always providing unparalleled sound quality and reliability.

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      Electro Harmonix POG 2

      Polyphonic Octave Generator Effects Pedal

      Price: £230

      Pog 2 Back
      Pog2 In Box

        POG 2 Product Details

        In 2005, Electro-Harmonix introduced the original POG, a polyphonic octave generator that allowed guitarists to produce a wide range of sounds - from the mesmerizing twang of an 18-string guitar to dense and majestic symphonic tones.

        Now, the EHX POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator takes you to even greater heights. Experience the velvety, seamless swells with the new attack control. Reach depths like never before with the newly added second sub-octave. The 2-pole resonant low-pass filter now boasts two additional Q modes.

        Enhance your sound further with the newly improved detune feature. This pedal offers true bypass, ensuring a clean signal path. With its programmable 8-preset memory and instant recall, you have an array of options at your fingertips.

        Blend up to four polyphonic voices with your guitar and sculpt the fade-in speed of the octaves using the attack delay slider. Shape your tone with the selectable Q of the low-pass filter. Additionally, you can route your dry signal through the attack, LP, and detune faders. Enjoy flawless polyphonic tracking without any glitches.

        Connect this pedal with other pedals and power supplies through daisy chaining. The power adapter is included, providing convenience right out of the box. Elevate your musical expressions with the EHX POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator.

        Read more about this guitar pedal at the Electro-Harmonix website:
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        LR Baggs Venue DI

        Acoustic Preamp

        Price: £200

        Lrbaggs Venue Di Box
        Lrbaggs Venue Di Case
        Lrbaggs Venue Di Underside

          Venue DI Product Details

          Experience the power of the Venue DI: travel light, set up quickly, and achieve exceptional sound wherever you play.

          This remarkable acoustic pedal offers unparalleled control with its full-isolation DI output, flexible 5-band EQ, adjustable low and hi-mid bands, versatile clean boost, and convenient chromatic tuner - all in one compact package.

          Featuring a top-notch signal path, premium semiconductors, and the use of high-quality audiophile-grade film capacitors, the Venue DI stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the world's most renowned preamps, delivering studio-quality sound for the stage.

          Read more about this guitar pedal at the LR Baggs website:
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          DPA d:vote Core 4099

          Instrument Microphone

          Price: £340

          Dpa Dvote Core 4099 In Case
          Dpa Dvote Core 4099 Mic And Xlr
          Lrbaggs Venue Di Case
          Dpa Dvote Core 4099 Box

            DPA d:vote Core 4099 Product Details

            The 4099 microphone is already renowned as the industry standard, and the incorporation of the CORE version enhances its sound quality even further, setting it apart from competitors.

            With 4099 CORE, your music will be infused with unparalleled clarity and intricate details throughout the entire dynamic range. For musicians and live sound engineers who prioritize exceptional audio, choosing CORE is a must.

            Experience the power of CORE by DPA, a revolutionary technology that minimizes distortion, elevating the clarity and openness of your sound from the softest notes to the most powerful crescendos. Discover more about the remarkable capabilities of CORE by DPA.

            Whether it's the enchanting melodies of the piano, the soulful strumming of a guitar, the exquisite resonance of strings, the captivating notes of woodwinds, the vibrant tones of brass, or the rhythmic beats of percussion - this microphone excels on them all.

            With just one microphone, you can elevate the entire orchestra to new heights of sonic brilliance. Need to switch instruments? Simply ensure you have the appropriate clip for seamless mounting. Say goodbye to mediocre sound with the award-winning 4099 Series.

            Unlike any clip-on microphone or pickup, this instrument condenser microphone delivers a pristine, unadulterated sound that faithfully captures the essence of your acoustic instrument. Say hello to a natural and immersive sound experience like never before.

            Read more about this microphone at the DPA Microphones website:
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            Red Witch Medusa

            Chorus And Tremolo Guitar Pedal

            Price: £140

            Red Witch Medusa Pedal
            Red Witch Medusa Pedal Back
            Red Witch Medusa Box

              Red Witch Medusa Product Details

              Introducing a Revolutionary Modulation Experience.

              Originally crafted in a limited batch of 73 meticulously hand-made units back in 2003, the Medusa soon became a sought-after gem. After seven years of being discontinued, the overwhelming demand from passionate musicians couldn't be ignored any longer.

              Reintroduced in 2010, the Medusa presents guitar players with an unparalleled fusion of chorus and tremolo effects, elegantly housed within a single enclosure.

              Experience the extraordinary Medusa, where the chorus modulation rhythmically intertwines with the throbbing tremolos, delivering a truly mesmerizing chorustrem effect.

              Prepare to be swept away by the captivating swirls of chorus and pulsating tremolo. Unleash your creative potential with the inspiring Medusa.

              Join the ranks of esteemed artists such as David Catching (Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal), Galen Henson (Joe Satriani), and Saskia Hahn (Peaches), who have all fallen under the spell of the Medusa's enchanting allure.

              Read more about this guitar pedal at the Red Witch website:
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