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Many of the reviews below are from weddings at which I have performed, although I have included a selection of reviews from other sources - corporate events, private parties, etc.

Reviews from social media channels and other sources are not included here so if you would like to read more, additional kind comments can be found at destinations such as on Facebook page reviews.

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"EDP Destination Swing Review
A review from the EDP newspaper after hearing us at the Dereham Jazz Society in Lyng.

A world standard music masterclass

Take two guitarists, add a tenor and you might wonder what to expect. But the enthusiastic fans at Dereham Jazz Society knew it would be a magical night of blissful improvisation in perfect harmony. The tenor was, of course, one of the UK’s finest sax players and the two guitarists are amongst the best you will hear this side of New York. ‘Destination Swing’ offer sophisticated playing – cool in jazz lingo – which brought appreciative applause for every finely constructed solo.

Starting his career on classical guitar, Paul Hill is, today, the author of the definitive guitar training book – and an examiner for the London College of Music, in much demand for his training work. Jasper Smith is the perfect partner: inspired to take up guitar during the punk movement of the 70’s, his later playing influences include the giants of jazz guitar. He is now an examiner at the London College of Music and has two pieces in the classical syllabus for the college. Both can do impossible things on a guitar, often playing bass lines, rich chords and soloing simultaneously.

The heart of this trio is Martin Eaton, possibly our greatest home-grown tenor sax jazz star: what a striking tone and fluidity. On some numbers, he added his voice, not a traditional tenor sound but a soft mellowness that Michael Bublé might admire.
One question remains; how can an intro to creative jazz also be a masterclass?"

EDP Music Critic, and jazz enthusiast, Roger Haywood

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