Live Beginner Guitar Course
Guitar Zero To Guitar Hero

Starting January 2024

Have you tried learning to play the guitar before and haven’t found a clear progression program and practice plan that will allow you to practice according to the time you have?

Never touched a guitar before?
No problem. Absolute beginners welcome!

Have you tried YouTube or other online learning resources and failed?

Starting January 2024, my new live course Guitar Zero To Guitar Hero will work you from the beginning to the more advanced levels in a clear and easy way.

What Can You Expect From The Course?

  • This course will be taught live, so you can always find answers to questions quickly.

  • You will be able to play complete songs by the end of the course.

  • Limited time? No problem as I will make the time you do have count.

  • Learn how to easily change chords. This is one of the main stumbling blocks for many new guitarists.
  • Hard to stay motivated? You won’t feel disappointed or frustrated when working together with other guitar students.

  • Meet other guitarists on the course at the same level as you. Make new friends and learn together.

  • When learning at the same time as others, this will motivate you to succeed.

  • You do not need to read music.

Benefits Of Learning To Play The Guitar:

  • Playing guitar is great for relaxation and is just plain fun!

  • The guitar is a very social instrument as you can jam with others.

  • Great therapy for keeping your mental health in check.

  • Do you sing? The guitar is the perfect accompaniment.

Regret learning to play the guitar when you were younger? Don’t waste any more time!
Love music? Of course you do! Learn to play the guitar and be a part of the wonderful world of music.

Get The Early Bird Discount

Register your interest below to secure your spot. There are limited spaces, so don't miss out on this opportunity to finally become the guitarist you dream of.

When registering your interest, you will be taken to an online survey. The feedback from those who have already completed the survey has been extremely helpful in planning the course. The more information I have about exactly what new guitarists want to learn and have struggled with in the past will ensure the course is tweaked for maximum learning efficiency.

To show appreciation for your help in completing the guitar course research survey, I am offering an early bird discount to those who complete the form.

You can also redeem the early bird discount for somebody else so even if you are not interested in signing up for the course yourself, the discount can be given to another guitarist who will greatly benefit from the live beginner guitar course.