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Site hack update

If you have visited this website recently, you may have been presented with either a forbidden page or worst case scenario, you may have been redirected to other websites.

Unfortunately, this website had been infected with malicious code. I spent countless hours trying to save the site, although the site was so riddled with code that my only option was to delete the site and recreate it.

The site is back online now, although there are probably areas that I have missed, so apologies for any missing content!

New YouTube Videos

I have recently uploaded some new videos to YouTube, demonstrating songs that I perform when playing solo, and acoustic guitar gigs. More content will be uploaded soon, although I am still catching up after the hacking situation.

My good friend and fellow bandmate from the Claire Barker Band - Josie Tate - did a great job of filming the videos. Josie is an awesome photographer and is highly recommended for many styles of photography.


Sundays At The Brickmakers

If you fancy a fun Sunday afternoon, I will be performing at the Brickmakers in Sprowston on occasional Sundays, the first date being Sunday 13th October, 3 pm - 6 pm.

The Brickmakers gigs will be great fun as we will be playing some different material which would not necessarily be suitable for other types of gig.

Come on down and enjoy the fun!

That's all for now!

This post is mainly just a quick update to apologise for the site being down. It has been a very time-consuming process trying to overcome this problem, but now I can get back to my guitars.

Hopefully, see you at a gig soon!

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