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Acoustic Wedding Duo Claire And Paul

The Claire Barker and Paul Hill Duo

Claire and I are performing together regularly in our acoustic duo, so we decided it was time we needed a website of our own.


An Exciting Journey

Claire and I have come a long way since first performing together in our duo. I had been playing in the Claire Barker Band for a while and had developed a very close musical relationship with Claire and the rest of the band. We were offered to play a gig as a duo and didn’t really know what to expect. We soon found out that we are perfectly matched in a duo situation and Claire’s incredible vocal talents make every gig musically fulfilling. We are also great friends and our enjoyment in performing together really comes out in every performance.

Since that first gig, we have played together many times, have accumulated a massive repertoire of songs and have also optimised our equipment so that we can sound at our best at every performance. This week has been an exciting (and expensive) equipment purchasing week. Although further tweaking will take place, we now have the perfect setup to sound great in any venue.

Beautiful and eclectic music for your event.

See us live! To find out where we are playing next, follow us on Facebook.

See you at a gig soon!

We have many gigs coming up and are both looking forward to continuing our exciting journey to see where it takes us. Most of our duo gigs coming up are private functions and weddings so If you want to catch us live, please like our Facebook page to be notified of public gigs.

We look forward to seeing you at a gig soon!

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