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My Latest Guitar Videos On YouTube

There has been a break in uploading new guitar videos to my YouTube channel as I needed the time to finish my latest online guitar video course. As Master The Major Scale And Its Modes is now available for purchase, I am back to uploading videos to YouTube.

I am getting close to 100 video uploads on my YouTube channel and I have a long list of ideas for new content, so there are exciting times ahead. If you would like to join me on my YouTube journey, please subscribe to my channel so you don't miss out on future guitar-related videos. New subscribers are much appreciated as this really helps me in building my channel, so thank you in advance!

Below, are a couple of my recent YouTube video uploads. Head on over to my YouTube channel to learn more.

Loving My Stomp Pedal

One of my favourite purchases before lockdowns kicked in is my Horsekick Pro Stomp Box Pedal. This pedal has been a game changer when performing in my acoustic guitar and vocal duo with Claire Barker.

I had only just started to unleash the potential of this awesome pedal when everybody was told that gigs were off. Now that lockdowns are over, Claire and I are performing regularly once again and I am happily stomping the night away. Great fun!

Guitar Playing And Back Pain

Another reason that I had fallen behind with YouTube video uploads was that I severely injured my back during lockdowns—spending all that time teaching online sitting in front of a computer screen, working on new ideas whilst sitting down and not moving anywhere near as much as I would normally certainly caused big problems for my back.

The good news is that after online physio sessions, regular exercise and another new purchase which allows me to stand whilst playing with no strain on my back, I am back to full health. I just had to share my discovery of the K&M Guitar Performer Stand.

Signed Up For The Free Mini Course Yet?

If you haven't signed up for my free ear training mini-course yet, click on the image below to gain access to the free ear training resources. Such a simple concept that really works to train your ears, which is an essential task for every musician.
Chords For Online Guitar Lessons

Come And Join The Gig Fun!

It is so great to be back gigging, and the diary is full of gigs once again. If you have missed listening to live music due to lockdown restrictions, come and join the fun at a gig. Many of my gigs are private functions, although I also love playing public gigs.

To find out where I am performing, I have a gig list on one of my other websites:

Hopefully see you at a gig soon!

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