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Guitar Scales Course

Master Guitar Scales - My Latest Guitar Course!

'Guitar Scales - Master The Major Scale And Its Modes' is my brand new video course for all guitarists. A great deal of work has been put into creating this course and I am extremely pleased with the results.

Learning and understanding how to use the major scale and its modes is a fundamental requirement of every guitarist. Your guitar playing will definitely suffer if your knowledge of scales is lacking, and this course will literally save you years of frustration trying to memorise guitar scales through repetition.

Guitar Scales Left Hand

Generate Patterns For Guitar Scales Yourself

Not only does this course teach you how to easily visualise the major scale and its modes, but you will also generate patterns for all arpeggios contained within each mode. You will be able to play in all keys, using scale and arpeggio patterns that totally cover the guitar fingerboard.

Fancy A Challenge?

All examples are demonstrated allowing you to not only understand the concepts but actually play all scale and arpeggio patterns at varying tempos. The arpeggio play-along videos are particularly challenging. Crank the tempo if you really want your guitar playing to be challenged.

Free Guitar Course!

Who doesn't like free stuff? Don't miss out on my free Ear Training mini course. The resources available for download in this free ear training mini-course are the same as the audio recordings I created for myself many years ago to train my own ears. The system is simple and it works!
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Online Teaching Update

Private guitar lessons are still currently online only and I have not yet returned to face-to-face teaching. If you would like more information about online guitar lessons, Please visit my online guitar lesson page:

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