Christmas Gift Ideas For Guitarists

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Guitarists

12 Christmas Gift Ideas For Guitarists

Searching for the perfect gift that a guitarist will love can be difficult, especially if you do not play the guitar yourself. These 12 Christmas gift ideas for guitarists will hopefully give you inspiration and help you to find the perfect gift.

These are not only gift ideas that are specific to Christmas, but I also have birthdays or special occasions covered, or even gifts for just showing a guitarist some love.

Guitarist Gift Ideas On YouTube

This blog post is a transcript from a video I uploaded to YouTube. If you would rather watch and listen than read, here is the video:

1. NSD Powerball

NSD Powerball On Amazon

My wife surprised me with one of these many years ago. I had no idea what a Powerball was, but once I managed to get the thing spinning, I found it to be a fun little gadget. I later found out that the Powerball is great for rehabilitation and prevention of hand injuries such as carpal tunnel, tendonitis, breaks or sprains, so it is perfect for guitarists.

I have a video in which I talk about the Powerball, so you might want to check out "Is Wrist Pain While Playing Your Guitar Causing You Problems?".

In the many years, I have been teaching guitar, students have occasionally started lessons with an existing hand injury. In all cases, the Powerball has helped them. I haven’t suffered from any hand injuries myself, although I still have a spin on my Powerball in times of intense playing and it does a great job of keeping everything in check.

2. Ernie Ball Power Peg

Ernie Ball Power Peg On Amazon

My string winder is very old and the model has changed since I bought it, in fact, the new ones have changed colour and they are green.

I do not need to use the string winder on guitars with locking machine heads, but on other guitars, especially guitars with 3 tuners on each side of the headstock, the string winder makes changing strings so much easier and quicker.

The string winder works on electric, acoustic and bass guitars and is easy to use. Changing guitar strings is something that all guitarists need to do, so any help with this task will be greatly appreciated.

3. Hercules Fold-up Guitar Stand

Hercules Fold-up Guitar Stand On Amazon

Even though I have other guitar stands such as the Hercules triple guitar stand (which is awesome), I still regularly use my Hercules fold-up stand. It can be used with electric and acoustic guitars and it folds up to a very small size. This makes it perfect for throwing in a gig bag and not worrying about carrying an extra piece of equipment.

Even though the stand is tiny compared to other designs, it holds guitars very securely and I have no worries about using it with expensive guitars.

4. TC Electronic POLYTUNE CLIP Tuner

TC Electronic POLYTUNE CLIP tuner On Amazon

Clip-on tuners are great if you want to tune acoustic or electric guitars and I used my Snark tuner for many years.

The Snark was good, although there were times when my low E string wouldn’t register too well when tuning my acoustic guitar at a gig.

I recently purchased a Polytune Clip tuner after reading lots of reviews and this tuner is amazing. The display is much clearer compared to my Snark tuner and there is no problem with picking up vibrations from all the strings.

I purchased the black version as even though it was cheaper than the white version, I was told that the models are the same… only one is black. As the only benefit seems to be that a white model might be easier to see if thrown in a case or dropped in the shadows, I decided that the black model would be fine for me.

5. Elixir Strings

Elixir strings On Amazon

If you know of a guitarist with very sweaty hands, who destroys guitar strings through corrosion, why not introduce him or her to coated guitar strings? I have extremely sweaty hands and guitar strings used to last me no time at all. I could play a maximum of two gigs on one set of guitar strings before they needed changing. If I attempted the third gig, I would usually break one or two strings.

I then discovered Elixir coated guitar strings and they have been a game changer. Strings now last me a couple of months on average and even though one set of Elixir strings is more expensive than other brands, I save a fortune in the long run.

Be sure to find out what gauge of strings the person you are buying the strings for uses and if they require acoustic or electric guitar strings.

6. Guitar Tool

Guitar tool On Amazon

You can never have enough tools. A multi-function guitar tool which can be thrown into a gig bag or guitar case pocket will always come in handy. Although there is no perfect tool that covers all possible sizes, a product such as the D'Addario Guitar and Bass Multi-Tool will certainly come in handy.

There are many guitar tools on the market. Some have cutters and some do not. I have found the cutters on guitar tools I have owned over the years to not be that good, so I would always have a set of wire cutters as a separate tool and not as part of the guitar tool.

7. Reusable Cable Ties

Reusable cable ties On Amazon

If you are looking for a cheap present that a guitarist will find extremely useful, reusable cable ties are invaluable. I use them for storing cables in my gig bag and they really help with cable storage. I have white cable ties as they are easy to see amongst the black cables.

I also have sets of cables tied together so I can grab the exact bunch of cables from my bag, depending on the gig and what I need. I am always finding other uses for reusable cable ties and they have solved many problems.

This is not exactly an exciting present, but it is one of the most useful products I own.

8. LEGO Ideas Fender Stratocaster

LEGO Ideas Fender Stratocaster On Amazon

If you are buying a present for a guitarist, chances are he or she would also enjoy Lego. I haven’t built Lego since I was a boy, although it was always fun building things with my boys when they were young.

My wife surprised me with a LEGO Ideas Fender Stratocaster with Amplifier Lego kit for my birthday a couple of years ago. Probably just proves that I am a big kid, but this Lego set is awesome!

I recorded a video showing off the Lego kit, so you might want to check out "Lego Ideas Fender Stratocaster 21329 With 65 Princeton Reverb Amplifier And Authentic Accessories".

9. Capos

Shubb C1 Guitar Capo On Amazon
G7TH CAPO POWER 3 Capo On Amazon

A capo is a device that every guitarist should own. I used a Shubb C1 Guitar Capo for many years and that capo served me well. The Shubb capo is an industry-standard, although I tried a G7th Performance 3 Capo not too long ago and this is now my favourite capo.

Having a spare capo is always a good thing as one can be left in a guitarist’s gig bag, just in case he or she forgets to pack it. I only use a capo occasionally, so this has happened to me.

I recorded a video sharing my thoughts on both of these capos. As you will hear in the video, I strongly advise not purchasing a very cheap capo as the cheap capo I own is rubbish. The video is called "What's The best Capo In 2022? | Cheap Capos vs Shubb vs G7th Performance 3"

10. Strap Locks

Schaller Security Strap Locks On Amazon

Many years ago, I played my first gig with my PRS electric guitar. At the beginning of the second set, I grabbed my drink and the strap slipped off my PRS and my guitar fell to the floor. I managed to catch the guitar just before it hit the floor (although I dropped my drink), so luckily, no damage was done. The next day, I installed strap locks and will not own a guitar without them.

There are many types of strap locks, although I prefer the Schaller Security Strap Locks as the strap button sits in a cradle. If the mechanism breaks for any reason, the cradle still holds the guitar securely. Designs of other strap locks do not seem as secure and I have known some of them to fail.

If you are buying strap locks as a gift, they will go very nicely with a new strap. I do not have a recommendation for guitar straps as there are so many styles and designs. When looking for a guitar strap, I always think comfort is the most important consideration, although you may well find a cool design that would perfectly suit the guitarist for who you are buying the strap.

I’ll leave that choice up to you.

11. Guitar Cable

D'Addario American Stage On Amazon

Another not very exciting gift idea, but a guitarist can always make use of another guitar cable.

One word of advice is to not buy a cable that is too long. Cable capacitance reduces the high-frequency content of a guitar signal and the longer the cable, the more impact on high-frequency roll-off. I find 10 feet cables to be a good compromise between tone and usability.

My new favourite cables are D'Addario American Stage Series cables. I have purchased a few of these cables and they are great. I love the connectors, the cable coils well and they sound really good. Cheap cables are a waste of time as they will usually break quite quickly and will not sound as good.

12. Guitar Lesson Or Guitar Course Voucher

Hopefully, You Have Found The Perfect Present

I hope these ideas have helped you in your search for the perfect guitarist's gift. These are all products that I either own or have used over the years.

Most of these links are affiliate links. They will not cost you any more, although I will receive a minimal reward from Amazon, which helps to support my YouTube channel.

Another gift option for a guitar player is a guitar lesson voucher or access to a guitar course. I have guitar lesson gift vouchers available and as I teach students online, location is not a problem.

I also have various guitar courses available. If you think a particular course would be a fitting gift for a guitarist who you know, please get in touch via my course site and I can send you a gift voucher.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase a course or guitar lesson vouchers, please get in touch either from the contact form on this site or by using the contact form on my guitar course site:

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