The Best Songs To Learn On Guitar?

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What Guitar Songs Do You Want To Learn? The Best Songs For Guitarists 2023

What Are The Best Songs To Learn On Guitar In 2023?

What Guitar Songs DO YOU WANT TO LEARN?
As a guitar teacher, I am always on the lookout for great songs that guitarists will love to play and that will be beneficial to their development as a guitarist. But what are the best songs to learn?

Share Your Favourite Songs

To help find new songs for students to learn, I figured the best people to ask are the students. Guitar playing has changed massively since I began learning to play and there is a vast amount of music out there to learn.

I recorded a YouTube video giving my thoughts on choosing songs and I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and ideas in the YouTube comments section of the video so everybody can gain an insight into great song choices for guitarists.

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Learn Classic Guitar Songs Or Modern Songs?

Guitar magazines and other online learning resources always go back to the classics and the well-known guitar players who revolutionised guitar playing in some way. However, there are so many amazingly talented guitar players around now so is it better to learn from the source, or learn from players who have refined the original ideas?

Many of my younger guitar students have no idea what I am talking about when I mention groundbreaking and influential guitar players from the past. It is so important to understand the basics and how guitar-playing ideas developed but at the same time, students will progress much quicker if they are playing music that they enjoy.

Is Asking For My Favourite Songs A Waste Of Time?

From a guitar-playing career that is now entering its fifth decade (ouch!), my song repertoire is vast. There are certain songs that I love to teach as they have specific elements that are extremely helpful to a guitar student's progress.

I am however, always on the lookout for new material and I still get excited when a student introduces me to a new song that I hadn't heard previously. One of the best things about music is that it can always be developed and there will always be new and exciting things to learn.

So by all means, ask me for songs that I like to play, but always find new material for yourself.

I Look Forward To Reading Your Comments

So don't be shy, please get involved and share your song ideas and thoughts in the comments area of my YouTube video. Your comments are so important and the more people get involved, the more songs we can be introduced to. Maybe your new favourite song will be recommended by somebody else's comment.

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