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Free Beginner Guitar Lessons

Beginner Guitar Lesson Series

My latest beginner guitar lesson series of videos on my YouTube channel is designed to teach guitar students some of the basic and essential concepts that every guitarist needs to know when learning to play the guitar.

When teaching beginner guitarists, there are certain elements that I teach to every guitarist so there is a solid basis from which they can learn efficiently. Rather than continuing to teach exactly the same things over and over again, I thought it would be beneficial to have videos available from which new students can quickly learn the basics and progress much quicker in the lessons.

If you are new to playing the guitar and are considering guitar lessons, be sure to watch the videos before your first guitar lesson.

At the time of writing this blog post, only two beginner guitar lesson videos have been released. I have more YouTube videos in the Beginner Guitar Lesson Series scheduled for weekly release, so hit the subscribe button when you visit my channel and you will be sure to not miss future guitar lesson videos.

Beginner Guitar Lesson - Basic Guitar Chords

Here is the second video in my Beginner Guitar Lesson Series. There are so many chord possibilities available on the guitar fingerboard, although they are all based on 5 basic chord shapes. If you are new to playing the guitar, you must know these chord shapes!

Saving The World With #TeamSeas

YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober have asked the YouTube community for help with their latest project to raise $30 million to remove 30 million pounds of trash from our oceans, rivers, and beaches. This is an awesome and ambitious campaign, so I just had to show my support with this YouTube video.

My son Joshua and I visited a local beach to film this video and do our bit by collecting rubbish from the beach. Every little helps!

Don't Forget To Sign Up For The Free Mini Course

My online guitar video courses will certainly help guitarists learn how to master the guitar fingerboard. Ear training is an essential part of every guitarist's practice routine. My ear training mini-course will help you to easily train your ears and the best part... it's totally free!

Click on the image below to sign up and gain access to the mini course.

Chords For Online Guitar Lessons

Great Fun Playing Gigs!

I hope you enjoyed Halloween. I certainly had a great time both with the family, and playing Halloween gigs. The pub was partying hard the night before Halloween and it was an awesome night playing in my duo with the amazing vocals of Claire Barker.

I have quite a few public gigs over the next couple of months, so hopefully, I will see you at a gig soon!

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