Guitar Theory Book And Guitar Technique Book

Looking for a guitar theory book or a guitar technique book? The Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book has been completely rewritten with many new sections added!

I have recently put together a website to complement the book. Visit the guitar theory and technique site to read more.

The aim of this book is not so much in showing you what to learn, but showing you how to learn. The techniques and theories presented have been developed over many years of teaching all styles of music at all levels of ability. These methods work and dramatically reduce the time taken to learn all of the basic elements required to play the guitar. This book does not teach you how to play music per se, it shows a way of thinking about the instrument and how to understand the layout of the guitar.

What Can You Expect To Learn?

The book starts out by explaining the layout of the guitar and how scales, chords, arpeggios etc. can be located on the fretboard and moved around.

The next sections are on scales. Most people learn a vast amount of fingerings for scale patterns on the guitar and end up still not really being able to see the fretboard as they would like. The revolutionary concepts presented in this book show you how to formulate scale patterns for yourself. These techniques have been developed over many years of teaching and they work!!

I recently taught all of the modes of the Major Scale in all keys, starting on every string to groups of students at a college. If you have tried to learn all of these scales yourself, you might realize that it is quite a challenge. Ten books will more than likely give you ten different fingerings for these scales. I managed to teach all of the students the theories presented in my book in under 20 minutes and the result was that they could all play every scale anywhere on the fretboard.

'The Paul Hill Guitar Theory And Technique Book' teaches you the following scales;

  • All seven modes of the Major Scale
  • All seven modes of the Melodic Minor Scale
  • All positions of the Harmonic Minor Scale
  • All positions of the Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales
  • All positions of the Blues Scale
  • Symmetrical scales including the Diminished Scale, Whole Tone Scale, Chromatic Scale and the Augmented Scale
  • Less common scales such as the In Sen scale and Harmonic Major scale
  • Methods to easily formulate any other scale that you might use
  • Learn how to visualize chords.

Guitarists do not generally have a system for developing a repertoire of chords. They generally learn a new chord every now and then, hoping that they will remember the fingering and will be able to use that chord at a later date. My new guitar book shows a clear approach to learning every chord that you will ever need! Each chord is learnt in not one, but twenty positions on the fretboard!

Not only will you have a greatly expanded chord repertoire, the sections on chord theory, chord substitution and analyzing chord progressions will give you a sound knowledge of where to use these chords.

There are also sections on picking techniques that clearly explain how to maximize your picking efficiency. Learn how to formulate melodic patterns and combine this with a killer picking technique to let you fly over that fretboard!!

So what are you waiting for? Buy the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book and improve your playing!!

This book is also now included in:
The Total Guitar Mastery Bundle