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All my private guitar lessons have been online since the Covid pandemic.

I still recommend online guitar lessons as there are so many benefits, although I realise that learning online does not suit everyone for various reasons (no internet connection, hearing or sight problems, etc.).

I have therefore decided to offer a limited number of face-to-face guitar lessons in 2023. Please do read about the advantages of online guitar lessons by clicking the button below:

A Professional Guitar Teacher

In addition to my busy performing schedule, I am also a professional guitar teacher and I am based in Norwich, Norfolk, England.

I teach guitar both privately and at schools, colleges and universities. I am listed with the Registry Of Guitar Tutors in conjunction with the London College Of Music and I am also a London College Of Music international guitar examiner.

As a Fellow of the London College of Music (FLCM), which is the highest diploma awarded by the London College of Music, I am experienced in teaching guitar to all age groups and all levels of ability.

What Do I Teach?

No matter if you are a complete beginner or someone who has played the guitar for many years and is stuck in a rut (very common), my teaching method is the same. I teach you to think for yourself. Regardless of the style of music that you want to play, it is essential that you understand how the guitar is laid out. By this, I mean how to 'visualise' the guitar fretboard.

Guitar Styles

I have played professionally in virtually all styles of guitar playing you can think of. I teach beginner to advanced guitar students in all styles including:
  • Rock and pop guitar.
  • Blues guitar.
  • Classical guitar.
  • Metal guitar.
  • Funk and soul guitar.
I also teach bass guitar and ukulele.

Are You Stuck In A Guitar Playing Rut?

How many people out there have bought a book or video, and spent hours learning numerous scales, chords and arpeggios, only to find that a month later the book is gathering dust on your bookshelf and all that information is forgotten? Was it that you did not study the scales for long enough? Do the muddled fingerings on all those chords mean that you are just not good at remembering chords? No! The fact is that you are probably the same as most people in that there is no structure to the learning of all this information.

My method of teaching the guitar is simple. Know how to learn all this information and know how to apply it. For instance, everybody hates learning scales. Unfortunately, to be any good you need to know scales. If you take these scales for example;

  • Ionian mode.

  • Dorian mode.

  • Phrygian mode.

  • Lydian mode.

  • Mixolydian mode.

  • Aeolian mode.

  • Locrian mode.

If you play already, you might recognise these as the seven modes of the major scale.

A book would probably show you seven patterns for these scales, although ideally, you need a pattern for each scale starting on every string. This would mean learning 42 different guitar scale patterns! Then there's the Melodic Minor scale. This scale contains another seven modes. That's another 42 different scale patterns!

This all sounds as if you are going to spend the first few years of your guitar playing running up and down scales. This is not the case. If you understand how to visualise your guitar fretboard in the right way, this time is dramatically reduced.

Most of my pupils know all 42 of the first set of scale patterns. This took them not years or even weeks, but one lesson to learn. This is because they understand the way in which the guitar is laid out.

The same with chords. You can buy guitar chord books with up to 100000 chords! If you understand how chords work, you can make all these chords up yourself.

Learning Theory Is A Waste Of Time - Learn To Play Music!

Although this statement sounds like a complete contradiction to the information already given, a headful of music theory is useless if it is not used to create music.

You want to play the guitar, correct?

To play the guitar well, you need to learn music and understand what you are doing. Many students come to me for lessons, already having learnt songs, riffs, solos, etc., but they have no idea what they are doing.

I will teach you songs that you want to learn and introduce you to songs that you didn't know you wanted to learn, all the time gaining you a good understanding of what you are playing. In this way, you will learn to play music quickly and your knowledge and understanding will allow you to progress extremely quickly.

Learning to play songs without understanding what you are doing will hold you back and will greatly reduce your progress.

If you are interested in starting guitar lessons, I live close to Norwich in Norfolk. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me via the Guitar Lessons Enquiry Form at the bottom of this page if you would like more information about online guitar lessons, face-to-face guitar lessons, my guitar courses or anything else.

Safeguarding And Child Protection

As I teach guitar in various schools and educational establishments, I am required to undertake regular safeguarding training.

Unlike a classroom teacher who receives safeguarding training from the school in which he or she works, safeguarding training is required individually for each school or university in which I work. I have therefore received safeguarding training from multiple different sources, so you can be assured that I am up-to-date with the requirements to keep children safe in education.

Each school and university in which I teach guitar also requires a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check. I have valid Enhanced Criminal Record certificates for all schools and universities.

My safeguarding and DBS certificates are available on request.

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