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I recently merged my wedding guitar site with Posts from my wedding guitar site have been re-created here, so I now have one place to post updates on guitar teaching, guitar courses, weddings, public gigs, YouTube videos and everything that is going on in the world of a busy guitarist.

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Acoustic Duo With A Big Sound!

Acoustic duo featuring guitar and vocals – now with added percussion. A big sound from only acoustic guitar and a female singer.
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Guitar Scales – New Online Course

My latest guitar course ‘Guitar Scales – Master The Major Scale And Its Modes’ is available now!
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Online Guitar Lessons Update

When asked if they would prefer to stick with online guitar lessons or return to face to face guitar lessons, most of my students have requested to stay online. There are so many advantages to online guitar lessons.
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A Busy Weekend Of Acoustic Duo Gigs

A very enjoyable weekend with three acoustic duo gigs in two days. Great to be playing guitar at weddings and events once again.
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Lockdown Is Easing. Gigs To Return!

Looking for live music for your wedding or event and concerned about lockdown rules? Solo acoustic guitar gigs are now possible!
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Coronavirus Update

No gigs or teaching due to the coronavirus lockdown. Read about uploaded solo, acoustic guitar videos, online band collaboration and online guitar tuition.
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Happy New Year!

I hope you enjoyed a great Christmas. I am looking forward to another year of gigs and the diary is getting pretty full already.
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New Solo Guitar Videos

I have recently uploaded some new videos to YouTube, demonstrating songs that I perform when playing solo, acoustic guitar gigs. More content coming soon!
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Featured image for “Paul Hill And Jasper Smith – The Reunion”

Paul Hill And Jasper Smith – The Reunion

A busy year for me and Christmas was a welcome break with time to reflect on the previous year and to make plans for the year ahead.
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Demo Videos On YouTube

Claire Barker and I decided to join forces as an acoustic guitar and vocal duo. Laid back jazz and soul to classic rock and modern pop.
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