Acoustic Duo For Your Wedding, Party Or Event

The Claire Barker And Paul Hill Duo
Acoustic Duo For Your Wedding Or Event
Are you searching for an outstanding acoustic duo who can play anything from subtle background music to a full band sound, and will cater for the musical tastes of all your guests?


Versatility is one thing on which we pride ourselves. We can provide intimate background music to enhance the atmosphere without being a distraction, so your guests can enjoy their conversations, or we can create a full band sound with our included foot percussion and other musical toys.

To read many of the kind comments our acoustic duo has received, check out the reviews on our Facebook page, or on my Wedding Music And Gig Reviews page.

"Beautiful, just beautiful! Thank you so much for making our day so special."
Gemma Wiseman

Our Acoustic Duo Is Perfect For Your:

  • Wedding ceremony
  • Drinks reception
  • Wedding breakfast
  • Evening entertainment
  • Corporate event
  • Anniversary celebration
  • Birthday party of a lifetime
  • Private house party

What Makes Our Acoustic Duo Special?

The Little Big Band

Most acoustic duos consisting of a singer and an acoustic guitarist are limited to what music they are able to play, and the type of venue in which they are able to perform.

We used to have the same problem, although we have added many new musical tools to our performing toy box, allowing us to perform at any venue and to give the audience exactly what is required.

Foot percussion has been a game changer for our duo, allowing us to fill the sound at any venue. Acoustic duos will often get asked the question "can you play something that we can dance to?". With clever and innovative use of a stomp pedal, harmony vocal pedal, hand percussion and other fun gadgets, we are able to cater to any type of event.

...And Everything Is Still Performed Totally Live

We do not use backing tracks! Many duos use them - we always perform 100% live music.

Although we refuse to 'cheat' and use backing tracks when performing in our acoustic duo, we can still provide music in breaks. We will provide a playlist to suit the occasion, or you can use your own playlist if you prefer.

A Great Alternative To Hiring A Band

Claire and I are both full-time, professional musicians with many years of professional performing experience. We excel at providing top-quality music at formal or informal events, and we are a friendly and fun duo.

We don’t take up much space and our high-end, professional equipment, produces crystal clear, big sounds in a small package.

What Music Do We Play?

Our repertoire is constantly growing and we have a huge list of songs that will cover all musical tastes.

We really can suit any occasion with our extensive repertoire, and we are always happy to learn a special song for your wedding or event. Whether performing a song to accompany the bride walking down the aisle, a favourite song for a birthday party, or even a heartfelt tribute at a funeral.

We often perform Christmas events and we are able to provide a great choice of Christmas music to bring on the big day.

...and yes, you can dance to our music.

Our Acoustic Duo On YouTube

Are you searching for that special piece of music to be played as you walk down the aisle?
Or, are you looking for more lively background music with added foot percussion?
Here are a couple of background style music videos, filmed when Claire and I first began performing together as an acoustic duo:

About Our Duo

Claire and I love performing together and we are the best of friends. I had been playing in the Claire Barker Band for a few years before we decided to form our acoustic duo in 2016. At the time, we had no idea the duo would develop into the passion we both hold for it today.

Claire is a phenomenal singer who can sing anything and her voice always amazes me. Claire has an incredible vocal range, her tuning is flawless and it is a privilege to share the stage with such a talented and gifted singer.

We work so well together in the duo and it feels like musical heaven whenever we perform.

If you would like to learn more about me, there is plenty of information on this site, or you can read the About Me page.

Booking Information And Things To Know

If you would like to book us, please use the form at the bottom of this page. Once we have all the information we need, the relevant paperwork will be sent to you to confirm the booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want To Book The Duo Or Ask Questions?

Booking direct means you do not have to pay high agency fees.

We don’t offer specific set packages as every wedding and event is different. We will tailor our performance to suit the event.

If you are ready to book or would like more information, please use the form below. The more information we have, the easier it is for us to give advice and cut down on the boring admin work to focus on what we love the most... music!

If you haven’t seen us recently, come and check us out as we are playing things that were not possible before our current setup.

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