About Me

I began playing classical guitar at about 9 years of age. Starting on the classical guitar gave me a basic knowledge of the instrument and taught me how to sight read which is an area that many guitarists are weak in. A few years later I progressed to the electric guitar and by the age of 13 was regularly playing at jam sessions and putting together rock bands. I did not have many people of my own age at school who played instruments that were of any use to me so I tended to look outside of the school for band members. This resulted in the people I played with being much older than me and was a definite advantage in helping me to learn.

It was not long before I began studying the more advanced concepts of jazz. When I left 6th form, I had two options. The first option was to attend music college to further my playing. The problem was that I already had many commitments to bands and projects I was involved in so I decided to follow option two and teach myself. I spent a couple of years where I would regularly practise for 10 – 12 hours per day and spent a fortune on books. The one area I also think that guitarists are very weak in is transcribing. There are tab books available for nearly all the albums that you can buy nowadays. When I was learning, I used my ear to work out any songs or licks that I wanted to know how to play. This method takes longer but is the only way to develop a good ear

Paul Hill Professional Guitarist

All of this hard work has paid off as I now have a very successful teaching practice and I get to play with some great musicians. I often get asked to conduct seminars on various aspects of guitar playing, I have online guitar courses available, I have written a popular book – the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book, I am an examiner for the London College of Music and I am a listed teacher with the Registry of Guitar Tutors. I am also the first person ever to pass the FLCM Jazz Guitar performance diploma which makes me a Fellow of the London College of Music – the highest diploma awarded by the London College of Music. There is more information on my teaching style and the various projects that I am involved in throughout this site.