I am now taking on a limited number of face-to-face guitar students once again.

Guitar Lessons In Norwich
And Live Performances

Welcome to my guitar lessons and performances website.

I have been a professional guitarist all my working life. I recently merged my Norfolk Wedding Guitarist website with my guitar teaching website, so you will now find information about guitar lessons and guitar music for weddings, parties and events all in one place.

I also offer guitar courses, my Guitar Theory And Technique Book is available on Apple Books and I am available for other guitar activities such as session work, shows, recording, etc.

Guitar Lesson Gift Vouchers

Guitar Teacher Paul Hill

Looking for the ideal gift for a guitarist? Gift vouchers are available for guitar lessons or guitar courses.

Guitar Lesson Gift Vouchers

Join Me On YouTube

My YouTube channel features many guitar-related videos to cater for all levels of guitar playing. Videos range from a beginner guitar lesson series that covers some of the basics, to more advanced material with my ever-growing YouTube Shorts vertical video lessons. I also have many tips and tricks videos which will help you in your guitar-playing journey.

To join me on my YouTube journey and be informed of new videos that will help you in your guitar progress, you can watch my YouTube channel trailer and subscribe to my channel here:

Information About Guitar Lessons

Fully Qualified Guitar Teacher

I am a Fellow of the London College of Music – the highest diploma awarded by the London College of Music.

RGT Registered Guitar Teacher

I have been an RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors) registered guitar teacher for 25 years.

International Examiner

I am an international examiner for the London College of Music.

Guitar Exams

LCM exams start at the beginner level and progress to professional Diplomas. I also offer guitar exams with other exam boards.

UCAS Points

LCM grade exams are regulated by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) and UCAS points are awarded for Grade 6 and above.

Guitar Book

My critically acclaimed book “the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book” is available on Apple Books.

All Styles Taught

I perform and teach all styles of guitar playing including rock, jazz, blues, classical and popular music. I teach electric guitar, acoustic guitar and classical guitar. I also teach bass guitar and ukulele.

Tuition Vouchers

If you are looking to buy a present for a guitarist, I offer guitar tuition and course gift vouchers.

All levels of Ability

My students range from beginning guitarists to advanced players, many of whom are guitar teachers themselves.
years of professional guitar teaching experience.
years playing the guitar.
years as an RGT and LCM registered teacher.
years as an international guitar examiner.

Guitar Teacher Reviews On Google

Kane CordyKane Cordy
19:29 21 Sep 23
Paul is a lovely chap, has a very effective teaching method with plenty of resources to get you playing fast!Timely, patient and talented. Would definitely recommend contacting Paul if you are looking to learn to play the guitar!
Liam BradyLiam Brady
19:25 14 Aug 23
I booked Paul to play at my daughters wedding. Super professional and easy to deal with. He knew what to play and when and I had lots of positive feedback from our guests on the day who all enjoyed his brilliant guitar playing. Highly recommended.
Samuel Clarkesamuel clarke
17:24 01 May 23
Paul is ridiculously knowledgeable and helpful as a guitar teacher!I've been seeing him for online lessons via zoom and this format is great. He gives real time construction of charts, scales, chords and arpeggios in the lesson whilst we work through content with our guitars which as amazing because it enables me to see what i'm learning both visually and through physical action on the guitar as well.The way he does it means I can learn way faster!Overall great teacher and awesome teaching methodology.
Mark BMark B
08:56 01 Dec 22
I’ve been playing guitar for many years, and Paul’s lessons have given me a completely new perspective on lead guitar and what I might be able to achieve with my playing. I’ve only had 3 lessons so far, and I’m already able to play more musically. I’m also getting a better understanding of music without getting bogged down in music theory. Highly recommended.
Ella-Louise BenningElla-Louise Benning
13:56 24 Sep 22
Paul played me down the aisle and entertained our guests after the ceremony. It was so nice to have live music, he played beautifully.The booking process was easy and he was quick to respond to emails. He offered to play/learn any songs that were special to us and also had his own repertoire. There was the option to have him for the evening too and/or without another singer.Should I need any more live music, I would book him again.
19:20 19 May 22
Paul's enthusiasm in teaching motivates me to pick my guitar up and practice. He is a fantastic teacher with a vast knowledge of guitar theory and has the practical application to accompany it. He is very patient and adjusts his lessons to the pace of the student but always manages to keep a lesson theme and gives very thorough and clear notes for the student to take away and practice with.I cannot recommend him highly enough!
Nick StoreyNick Storey
16:38 31 Aug 21
Paul's theory knowledge and playing is unmatched in my experience of teachers, he is a real pleasure to learn from. Every lesson is as engaging as the last and his emails post lesson are very useful for notes and for reference. I would highly recommend any level of musician starting with Paul. I do not live locally to Paul and the online sessions are convenient and just as good as any face to face experience.
Paul RoskillyPaul Roskilly
09:26 04 Aug 21
Paul’s friendly teaching style and his use of technology (screen sharing while using software to produce tailored notes, tablature and chord boxes) bring a whole new dimension to my learning. The notes are forwarded immediately after the lesson so that I can start embedding the learning straight away. The online lessons work extremely well and have the added bonus of zero travel time!
Laura TLaura T
14:12 20 Jul 21
My son has been having lessons with Paul for a while now, with them moving online during lockdown. Paul has really developed his confidence with playing the guitar and he enjoys the variety of music and skills he is taught, with the added bonus of all lesson notes being emailed through to help with practise. If you are looking for a guitar teacher, I would definitely recommend Paul.
Oliver BarnesOliver Barnes
14:17 07 Jul 21
Paul's online lessons are well delivered, informative, and great value. Paul is an incredibly knowledgeable and skilled musician, and is great at communicating new ideas clearly and concisely. His online lessons have a number of advantages over in-person lessons, such as the ability to instantly share digital teaching materials (chord diagrams and tabs, for example), and Paul really takes advantage of these assets. I would absolutely recommend his guitar tuition to others.
Ruth LuckettRuth Luckett
18:25 16 Jun 21
Paul teaches my three sons guitar. Two have online lessons and one has lessons in school. We swapped teachers for the boys to learn with Paul and started online lessons in lockdown. As a result of Paul’s teaching my boys have really developed quickly and love playing. They play for hours and have started a band. Online lessons are really convenient and Paul sends all the notes and music by email so I can see what they are learning and so they always have notes from their lessons to practice from. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul.
Lee CollinsLee Collins
11:18 10 Jun 21
Paul is highly qualified and his lessons are naturally of the highest quality - I have made more progress in the few months I've been taking video lessons than I had done in years on my own and the online format means I'm able to fit in an hour of quality tuition every other week around my awkward work schedule. I really appreciate the resources, notes and fretboard diagrams too as it helps to focus valuable practice time. Thank you Paul!
Sarah BSarah B
18:53 25 Oct 20
Paul began tutoring my son as an absolute beginner. He is a superb teacher and my son’s confidence as a guitarist has improved massively. Paul’s lessons are always fun, and he spends time explaining theory as well as teaching songs. His knowledge and skills as a guitarist are exemplary and my son always looks forward to his lessons. I would recommend Paul to anyone.
Peter CaronPeter Caron
13:23 23 May 20
Paul is an outstanding guitar teacher. I take my lessons online as i'm based overseas. They are very well structured and tailored to musical taste and playing ability. Enjoying lots and can't recommend him highly enough.

Have You Searched For
“A Guitar Teacher Near Me”?

If you have been searching for a guitar teacher specifically for face-to-face guitar lessons, you may well have asked Google to find “a guitar teacher near me”.

When it comes to finding quality guitar tuition, location is often one of the deciding factors in finding a teacher. I teach from my studio close to Norwich, Norfolk. There is however an alternative to face-to-face lessons…

Online Guitar Lessons

During the Covid pandemic, I was forced to teach all my guitar students online. All I seemed to hear at the time was other music teachers commenting on how awful it was to teach online and how they couldn’t wait to get back to ‘normal’.

My approach was different. I embraced online learning and once I gathered all my hardware and software and figured out how to provide the best service I possibly could, I soon found online guitar lessons to be superior in many ways to face-to-face lessons.

When I asked my students if they would like to return to face-to-face lessons, they all decided to stay online. All my hard work during the covid pandemic definitely paid off.

Learn More About Online Guitar Lessons

Free Ear Training Mini Course!

Download the audio files and learn how to use the free resources to supercharge your listening abilities.
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Guitar Courses Now Available

For the past few years, my subscription site allowed users to read my guitar theory and technique book online from any device, watch supporting videos and gain access to a growing library of tuition videos and material. I have now moved to the next phase in the evolution of my guitar theory and technique book as I had outgrown the subscription site platform.

You can read all about my new online guitar video courses at the site. The guitar courses will save you from wasting many years trying to learn scales, arpeggios, chords and all the theoretical stuff required to play the guitar well.

Guitar Courses Currently Available:

Live Beginner Guitar Course

Starting January 2024:

Live Beginner Guitar Course


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Total Guitar Mastery Bundle


Total Guitar Mastery Bundle


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Guitar Scales - Master The Major Scale And Its Modes


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Mastering Chords And Chord Substitution


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50 Guitar Licks
Volume 1


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50 Guitar Licks Volume 2

50 Guitar Licks
Volume 2


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50 Guitar Licks Volume 3

50 Guitar Licks 
Volume 3


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50 Guitar Licks Volume 4

50 Guitar Licks 
Volume 4


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50 Guitar Licks Volume 5

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50 Guitar Licks 
Volume 5


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Ear Training For All Musicians: FREE COURSE!

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The Paul Hill Guitar Theory And Technique Book

If you are serious about learning to play the guitar and want to drastically reduce the time it takes to learn all the scales, chords and arpeggios required to play the guitar to a high standard, check out the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book.

This groundbreaking book is available on Apple Books and can be viewed on all Apple devices. My book shows you how to visualise scales, arpeggios and chords on the guitar fingerboard and will save you many years of learning.

Music For Weddings, Parties And Events

I have played the guitar professionally all my working life and I began playing professional engagements when I was very young. I have played in virtually every live music situation possible (even on the roof of a stately home!).

Even though I do still play occasional shows and other types of gigs, my main focus is playing solo acoustic guitar, in my duo with the fantastic vocal abilities of Claire Barker, also with Claire in the Claire Barker Band and with my jazz trio or quartet.

I enjoy playing both public gigs and the many weddings and private functions for which I am booked. If you are searching for live music and would like to book solo guitar, an acoustic duo, or a jazz band or you would like an amazing night dancing to Norfolk’s finest wedding and party band, check out the various pages on this website and feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Music For Weddings, Parties And Events

Other Guitar Services Offered

Session Guitarist

Over the years, I have played in many shows, worked in studios, given seminars at major educational institutions, taught live on BBC radio, played in countless rock bands, played in theatres up and down the country and played at international Jazz festivals. I am also a proficient sight reader. If you need a dep or require a guitarist for any other playing or recording jobs, feel free to get in touch!


I have some great recording equipment in my studio. If you have a music project which requires guitar parts or help with recording in general, please get in touch. I have recorded a variety of projects over the years ranging from specific guitar parts to complete arrangements.